The Saga of the Tijuana Barbell Club

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Riding the momentum of the Amazon bestselling Jailhouse Strong series, Josh Bryant and Adam benShea return to share a unique story about mentorship, legacy, and tradition. Told from the authors’ point of view, the reader is introduced to the world of the fabled Tijuana Barbell Club, its unforgettable characters, and its distinctive method of muscle building. A collection of groundbreaking strength training methods are woven inside of a personal narrative about the golden age of physical culture at the Tijuana Barbell Club in Old Mexico.
The lessons of the Tijuana Barbell Club are expressed through the medium of an adolescent coming of age story. For better or worse, adolescence is a formative time when you seek mentors for guidance. Whether you found a role model in your power-drinking merchant marine uncle who regaled you with stories about the night life in Borneo or by watching Dalton in the cult classic Roadhouse, the impact of the teaching endures.
During their pursuit of high school athletic glory, the authors trained at a local gym. While working out, they meet a mysterious old lifter with a rich story to share and a legacy to be passed along. Through an ongoing dialogue, the stranger becomes a mentor and tells them about the training system utilized by the legendary group of bouncers and strongmen of the Tijuana Barbell Club.
Each conversation reveals another segment of the lost art of physical culture from Old Mexico. This includes Wave Loading Programs, intervals specific to bar fighting, the introduction of the rigorous Seven Day Shock Method, and many other unique training protocols.
The Saga of the Tijuana Barbell Club brings you into a forgotten history of strength and dispenses lessons on lifting and living which will serve you in the gym, on the street, and throughout your journey.

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