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By: Josh Bryant


“You ain’t going to get big eat poultry,” bellowed legendary SHW powerlifter Garry Frank as we talked training over steak and eggs at Waffle House in Baton Rouge at 2AM post squat workout.
Bottom line, you aren’t going to add serious mass by eating like a bird or eating exclusively “bird”!
Some of the nutritional protocols prescribed by the modern day “guru’s” for packing on size—look to the light side of weight watchers. Sure, wild rice is healthier but 2,000 calories, regardless of quality, won’t even bulk up the local pygmy.
Here is what we do know–effective weight-gaining protocols share two commonalities: high calorie and high protein. Let’s take a look of the bulking regimens of legendary pillars of iron.
Anthony Ditillo, in his epic classic, “The Development of Muscular Bulk & Power”, which I highly recommend, prescribes the following high calorie bulking recipes and diets:

Weight Gaining Soup
– 8oz can of corn
-8oz can of peas
-4 tablespoons of butter
-1 pound of ground beef
-2 cans of 8oz tomato juice
-1 cup of pork and beans

High-Protein Salad
-1/2 head of lettuce
-4 sliced tomatoes
-4 diced carrots
-4 stalks diced celery
-1 cup of cream cooked corn
-1/2 lbs of roast beef
-4 slices of Swiss cheese
-1 tablespoon salad dressing

Weight-Gaining Drink
-Pint of ice cream
-Pint of heavy cream
-Pint of light ice cream
-8 eggs
-4 tablespoons of peanut butter
-tablespoon honey
-1 cup of powered skim milk
A typical breakfast prescribed by Ditillo would be as follows:
-6 whole eggs
-5 pieces of wheat toast
-3 pieces of sausage
-two glasses of whole milk with extra powdered milk added
-glass of fruit juice
-piece of fruit
Lunch would look like:
-3 sandwiches with meat and cheese
-can of tuna
-quart of whole milk
-3 pieces of fruit
Dinner would look like:
-1 pound of meat
-1 cup of yellow vegetables
-1 cup of green vegetables
-3 baked potatoes
-4 slices of wheat bread
-2 glasses of whole milk with extra powdered milk added
-Ice cream topped with fruit
I am not recommending you follow the outlined diet, I am not endorsing it as healthy but dollars to donuts says a majority of people would gain weight with it.
Please remember this article next time someone “eats everything in sight but can’t gain weight.” This is even more annoying than hearing from the person built like a sumo wrestler how they “eat clean!”
Al Davis Protocol
My client, Al Davis, had the biggest bench press in the word in 2011 and the biggest of any master’s lifter in 2013.
Here is the diet Al followed in 2011—this does not include the extra milk he drank with breakfast and dinner.


Meal 1   Protein Carbs Fats Calories
12 oz Grapefruit Juice 1.5 35 0 146
6 whole eggs 36 2.25 29.3 416.7
3 cups of instant grits 12 111 1.5 505.5
Meal 2
8 Scoops MHP Up your Mass 92 116 22 1030
2 Table Spoons of Peanut Butter 8.03 6.26 16.12 188
Meal 3
16 oz 90% lean ground beef 89.6 0 44.8 788
2 cups of sphagetti 2.6 86.4 2.6 442
Meal 4
8 Scoops MHP Up your Mass 92 116 22 1030
1 OZ Almonds 6.03 5.36 14.3 164
Meal 5
16 oz Flank Steak 120 0 48 912
1 cup of broccoli 3 6 0 36
12 oz sweet potato 4.8 70 1.2 316
Totals   467.56 554.27 201.82 5974.2

John McCallum Get Big Drink
John McCallum, a legendary writer for Strength & Health during the 1960s and 1970s, prescribed drinking the following get big drink throughout the day in addition to three big meals.
Get Big Drink:
-2 Quarts of whole milk
-1 serving weight gainer (more if you want to gain faster)
-2 cups of powered skim milk
-2 whole eggs
-4 tablespoons of peanut butter
-Half brick of chocolate ice cream
-4 table spoons of malted milk powder
-6 table spoons corn syrup
Blend ingredients together and voila—drink throughout the day in addition to three big meals.
Final Thoughts
I’ll admit this is somewhat of an extremist reactionary article. But, I am tired of hearing people say they can’t gain weight—just how fat people need to work at eating less, hard gainers need to work at eating more.
For more info on a classic bulk program and healthier alternatives, I recommend Metroflex Gym Powerbuilding Basics now available in print and ebook HERE. 

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