Bj Whitehead 2000 Raw Write up

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First off, I would like to congratulate my client, BJ Whitehead, for cracking a 2000-pound total raw. BJ weighed in at 272 pounds. Here is a play-by-play of what happened at the  meet.

Squat opened at 705, great speed, great depth, three white lights!

Second attempt squat at 760, great depth, and we stopped there because BJ had some quadricep issues last meet and all we cared about was a 2000-pound total… 760 was a great PR and BJ was strong enough to do 800 now, this was without wraps.

Onto the bench press

BJ opened with an easy for 496 (smoke show)

Second attempt BJ hit 518… This was not an all-out max but he had 5 pounds more in him. At this point we assessed if it made more sense to gain five or 10 pounds on total or risk fatigue for deadlifts… BJ was ready to pull huge, we skipped his third attempt saving it for deadlifts.

Onto the deadlift-

First attempt-BJ demolishes 661, frightening speed

Second attempt-with equal ferocity BJ smokes 722. He received red lights, I’m not one to get on here and complain but let’s say everybody was very surprised.

Third attempt-BJ comes back and nails 722! This solidified 2000 pound total

I think BJ will go 2100 pounds at RUM.

It has been a total honor to work with BJ over the past four years, I’m very proud of him.

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