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I wanted to give a shout out to two of my clients. I never posted this a few weeks ago and had been meaning to. I have been making a point to not post too much of this stuff and more of my own training but I think these lifts were especially noteworthy.

Dan Kyser at the RPS in Columbus went 660-380-740 at 198 RAW, he had a close miss at 700 at the squat. This is a 1780 total which will put him #1 on the plwatch rankings! Check out the depth of his 660 squat! 700 was just missed apparently at the top. The final video is of his number one ranked 740 deadlift! These were huge PRs and beat Dan’s best at 220.

I have trained Dan for over a year this dude is an animal, great work ethic and his progress is amazing.

Dan’s total has improved by over 200 lbs and he dropped a weight class, here are some take away points that helped Dan. Dan was advanced when he started (FYI for applicability to you)

-Pause Squats with Bands
-Weighted Dips (his bench wasn’t moving this was a plateau buster)
-Doing a form of deadlift overload every three weeks

Below is Dan’s 740 Deadlift

The other one is Brian Scott, Brian and Dan sometimes train together. Brian has brought his squat up 100 pounds and deadlift up 90 lbs in the past 9 months, His bench has come up thirty pounds while working around a shoulder issue. Brian is a work horse and has a fantastic physique. Brian is a diligent student of the game.

Brian Scott went 1580 RAW at 220 via 575 Squat, 440 Bench and 565 Deadlift in only his second meet.

Take home point from Brian’s training

-Sling shot bench presses, helped work around his shoulder but still handle heavy weights.
Brian’s Squat

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